Our City

Being the perfect melange of history, heritage, culture, adventure and sea, Pondicherry never fails to entice its visitors. Its tranquil ambiance and olde world charm lures in both the locals and tourists alike. Pondicherry offers all of the Franco-Indian goodness on a silver platter, making it a much sought after holiday destination. Stir your soul with a delectable meal or a breezy walk on the promenade or by meditating in Auroville as Pondicherry has something for everyone!



Ashram Walk

People from all around the world have been drawn to the Ashram for decades thanks to the significant role it plays in Pondicherry’s socio-economic- spiritual fabric. The Ashram is a spiritual community that was founded on 24th November 1926 and since its inception, it has grown to host almost 1600 members! The Ashram walk covers the part of Pondicherry that is heavily influenced by the French that comprises of shops selling products from the Ashram’s ancillaries.


Walk on Tamil Quarter

The Tamil quarter was separated from the French Quarter by the Grand Canal. It is further divided into the Christian quarter, the Muslim quarter and the Hindu quarter in a typical colonial fashion. It’s interesting to note that these quarters have their own, unique architecture with buildings that have wall-to-wall constructions and their respective places of worship. This along with the gallic features that accompanied the French colonial period led to a bespoke Franco-Indian look to the buildings and houses.



French Heritage walk

A walk down the French Heritage Quarter is reminiscent of the fascinating French legacy in India. Every building in the French quarter echoes a fascinating narrative of a colonial adventure to this present day. The elegantly ornate entryway arches, the beautiful garden courtyards lead to the buildings painted in gorgeous pastel hues of lime, peach and yellow. Even the roads are distinctive in this part of Pondicherry with streets laid out in a grid pattern. If these don’t assert the French’s presence in Pondicherry, then the French names of the various points of interests surely will!



Auroville is a one of a kind town in the entire world, situated at a distance of 8 km from Pondicherry. Envisioned by Sri Aurobindo and founded by Mirra Alfassa also known as The Mother, Auroville is a universal township dedicated to the idea of humans living in peace and progressive harmony. Auroville has about 2,500 permanent residents with more adding to it every year. It is the perfect example of a self-sustaining town with its population growing their own food, living in oneness and recycling everything they use. It is a must-visit whilst in Pondicherry!


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