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Our restaurant offers more than just great food. Our intricately decorated interiors resonate with the varied heritage of both the French and the Tamil cultures to provide a completely immersive experience for our guests. All of our ingredients are carefully chosen and freshly handpicked from the local markets to provide a healthy and hearty meal. Our chefs are some of the finest in the business and whip up delicious Indian and Continental food right from salads, starters and soups to a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian main courses that includes pasta, rice, gravies and bread! Understanding the hotel’s rich legacy, our chefs add a special heritage zing to their delectable creations making them the mouth-watering pièce de résistance they are.




Grand Hotel D’Europe has one of the most exclusive bars in Pondicherry. Having the privilege to host both foreigners and locals alike, we have stocked up on some of the premium brands from around the world, apart from the Indian favourites to offer a variety of options such as cocktails, martinis, margaritas, shooters, wines, spirits, whiskey, cognac, liqueur, brandy, vermouth and beer. Our staff has years of experience and expertise earned from serving in some of the top hotels, to tend to all your requests. Walk-in for a refreshing time and share a couple of drinks, all the while enjoying our bespoke, post-colonial architecture intertwined with elegant contemporary interiors!


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